Coupon Service Review: The Coupon Master

The Coupon Master

With rising food costs and our busy lifestyles, many of us need some help saving money.  One way you can do this is to utilize coupons to when buying products you and your family use.  Having a reliable, inexpensive source for these coupons is a priceless asset. can be one of these sources.

Things I liked

One of the reasons I like this site for my couponing needs is it has a clean design and it is extremely easy to navigate.  Also, the site is not cluttered with advertising or other information unrelated to couponing so you can stay focused on your task.  If you are in the military there is an added bonus-you can save an additional 10% on your coupon orders.

The web site has a great quick find feature and you can search for coupons on products you use  in a variety of ways, from categories to alphabetical and even by date.  There are also searches to help you find the best-selling coupons which allow you to take advantage of special offers other couponers have already researched.  This search also includes special deals and a what’s new section if you just want to stop in and see the newest additions.  If you really want to stay abreast of the latest couponing deals and news you can sign up for email notifications as well.  Then you won’t miss a great deal.

Things that made me go huh?

One thing I didn’t like about this web site is that you had to order a minimum of 3 of each coupon.  This is fine for coupons on products I use frequently but sometimes I don’t want to buy my wife’s hair dye or makeup in quantities of 3 at a time, especially if I am trying a new product or brand that I have not used before.  The site also advertises “coupon aids” for sale.  Unfortunately, this section consisted of only coupon keepers and over 90% of them were sold out each time I checked the site.

While reviewing available coupons I encountered a small irritation with the site.  For some of the coupons the site showed a quantity of coupons available, but the order box had a “sold out” sign pasted across it so you couldn’t order them.  This wasn’t a big deal except it left me wondering which was correct, the quantity number or the sold out notice, especially since I really wanted the coupons.

The Coupon Master

The Coupon Master shows quantities but not available to order

More good stuff

Another bonus of the site is if you encounter any problems or have questions while using the site, there is a live chat support feature available during some hours of day.  Unlike some sites also provides a telephone number you can call if you have questions about your order.

Coupon orders were processed within 24 hours and the coupons were sent first class mail and were in my hand two days later, making the total time from order to my mail box three and a half days. This would certainly allow you to take advantage of store sale prices in conjunction with your coupon for quick turn around on current sales.

Conclusion and rating

The bottom line is that I recommend using for your couponing needs.  It is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.  Given all the pro’s and cons, I would give them a 9.6 out of 10.  The service was great.  The site was easy to use.  The only thing that really bothered me was having that three coupon minimum.  I can understand it, and most “extreme couponers” wouldn’t give it a second thought, but for me it was the biggest drawback of the site.  If that doesn’t bug you adjust the score as appropriate.

Now you have a new source for great savings on your grocery bill.  Visit today to start saving.  Check back frequently for additional coupon resources.  Thank you and happy couponing.

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2 Responses to Coupon Service Review: The Coupon Master

  1. anonymous says:

    I’ve used the many times for my coupons. sometimes they are good, but other times, they are nt. they charge you a service fee, which means they should give you the correct coupons. i’ve gotten the wrong ones several times, and it has taken them weeks to correct the issue. i plan my shopping trips around the coupons i purchase, and when the wrong ones come, i am very disappointed. i have used them for about a year, and after this last one, i am no longer going to use them. there are better sites out there that don’t mess up. and, as well as are all very good sites. they all ship very quickly, have lots of product, and have good prices. i would recommend all 3 of these before

  2. couponkyle says:

    Thanks for the great feedback on this service. I have been having some issues lately on a different service you will be hearing about. I will definitely check out the three services you suggested and write reviews. Thanks again!!!

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