How Much Should Coupons Save Me?

What is a reasonable percentage to save on your grocery bill with coupons?

I am not an extreme couponer, but I do acknowledge that they can get marvelous deals on merchandise saving upwards of 90% or more of their grocery bill.  Still is that a percentage that I as a normal person shopping and providing for my family should shoot for on a regular basis?  I would have to give you a definite no.  To think you are going to get that kind of savings regularly is just setting yourself up for disappointment and heart ache.

I usually spend around $8000 dollars a year on groceries for my family of four, two of which are teenagers.  I am just starting out at this couponing thing, but I normally will save 10%-15% on my grocery bill with coupon savings.  Listening to the extreme coupon people getting so much more it seems my efforts are hardly worth it.  I disagree completely.  Even just starting out I am saving $800 to $1000 dollars a year and I do all my cutting and organizing while watching TV.  No time wasted.  Now that I have discovered coupon clipping services, I will become even more efficient and save even more time and money.

In the end I figure if I can save 30%-50% of my grocery bill, and this is just fantastic for me.  If I can do this I will be be happy, happy, happy.  This is money saved by using coupons, not savings due to using shopper’s cards.  I think shoppers cards inflate what you are supposedly saving so you feel good, but I don’t use that savings in my calculations of percentage saved.  As an example, if my grocery bill was $100 and I saved $25 with my shoppers card and my total was down to $75 and I saved another $15 from using coupons, I would figure that as saving 20%.  I would be ecstatic about that because it is all found money.  That 20% of my yearly food bill would be saving me $1600 a year.  I don’t know about you, but that is worth the little bit of work it takes me.

That money would go to paying down debt, saving for retirement, vacations, or saving for some goal.   I do my best to only pay cash and never use credit.  I am hoping the savings I get from learning to coupon will go a long way in helping achieve these goals.  So if you are disappointed because you are not getting a consistent 80% savings each grocery store trip, don’t be because even smaller percentage savings add up quickly.  If you are saving money and having some fun then that’s ok, because you don’t have to be extreme every day.

It is good to have goals when the time and effort of saving seems to be to much.  I like this picture from Costa Rica.  Greatest vacation ever.  I am saving to go back!

Save Up A View Like This Isn't Free

Save Up! A View Like This Isn't Free.

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